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May the Force be with You! 

Muller's Pedagogy statement: 
  • First and foremost, I believe that all students can learn mathematics and that students that take math will succeed in the 21st century world.  I have loved mathematics since my freshmen year in High School, when I took Algebra I.  I view the world through mathematics and look for patterns and numbers in all that I see.  
  • I believe technology is a powerful tool to use to model and explore mathematical concepts. While instructional, step-by-step guidance is still a necessary part of teaching math in order to build skills, there are larger mathematical questions that can be presented for students to manipulate with, ideas to be tested, and relationships to be understood using their laptops and graphing calculators.
  • I will assist my students to understand the mathematics.  I will help them to learn the mathematical concepts to the best of their ability.  If a student is willing to put the effort and time needed to study and complete the assignments, I will assist and support the students by giving my time and extra help whenever they need it.  
  • I will provide regular opportunities for my students to construct and demonstrate the math concepts they are learning.  I will push my students to apply their learning to their everyday lives.  I will provide opportunities for my students to use their laptops and graphing calculators to question, explore and learn deeper math relationships and connections.
  • My students should be able to proceed to the next level of mathematics course and have the necessary skills to perform in that course.  They should have the capability to solve any problem, by looking at the logic behind it and setting up the steps necessary to solve the problem.  I want my students to be lifelong learners and view the world in mathematical eyes.  
  • Students will use technology to learn about and then demonstrate to others what they have learned and that will, in turn, provide additional clarifying opportunities for each.  Students will use online texts and sites to watch and replay demonstrations of math that can help them understand the patterns, skills, and techniques important to memory that help for the foundation for further mathematical study.  Students will use graphing calculators to view and explore topics that can be expanded by using this technology.  

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