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Welcome to the Math Webpage.
My Pedagogy Statement
I believe technology is a powerful tool to use to model and explore mathematical concepts. While instructional, step-by-step guidance is still a necessary part of teaching math in order to build skills, there are larger mathematical questions and real world connections that can be presented, ideas to be tested, and relationships to be understood using their laptops.

I will provide regular opportunities for my students to give feedback on items discovered and questions that have occurred.  I will provide opportunity for the students to display a mastery of the knowledge.  I will push my students to apply their learning to their everyday lives. I will provide opportunities for my students to use their laptops to question, explore and learn deeper math relationships and connections.

Students will use technology to learn about and then demonstrate to others what they have learned and that will, in turn, provide additional clarifying opportunities for each. Students will use online texts and sites to watch and replay demonstrations of math that can help them understand the patterns, skills, and techniques important to memory that help for the foundation for further mathematical study.