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"The strength of the wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the wolf."

1:1 Pedagogy Statement

I believe that in order to keep up with our ever changing society students need to be equipped with certain technological skills. Laptops eliminate traditional educational barriers and allow students to be engaged on many different levels. Technological devices give students the ability to benefit from individualized instruction to meet every student where their at.

With this being said, I will design and deliver lessons that focus on preparing students to thrive in our culture. Lessons will focus on building content skills and knowledge, collaboration and communication skills, and the use of relevant 21st century tools. I will provide students with opportunities to apply what they learn to their lives and discover ways to participate and make an impact in our society.

In order to achieve this, students will use their laptops daily to foster their learning process. These instruments will be used to communicate and collaborate with others, to breakdown educational walls, to create new projects, and share their learning with others. Students will contribute to our classroom in a goal to make an impact in our culture.