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My Approach to the 1:1 Pedagogy Initiative and Teaching

1.         I believe that all students are capable of learning, but that they have different learning styles and levels of maturity and engagement. I believe that hands-on, (technology) project-based and collaborative curriculum address these student differences better than other methods in modeling and exploring social science concepts.

2.    As such, I will design and deliver lessons that focus on social science content skills and knowledge, collaboration and communication skills, and creativity, through a focus on standards and the use of relevant 21st century tools or resources.  Thus, I will provide opportunities for my students to apply what they learn to their lives in general.

3.    At the same time, students will use their laptops daily to construct their knowledge, to communicate and collaborate with others, to create new projects, artifacts, and understandings, and to share their learning with others.  In addition, students will use online texts and sites to watch and replay demonstrations that can help them understand the patterns, skills, and techniques important to cognitive development that help for the foundation for further social science study.

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