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Welcome to Mrs. Harrell's Webpage. Mrs. Harrell teaches Drama I and II, English III, Mythology, and Creative Writing. She also co-coaches the varsity and junior varsity cheerleading teams with Mrs. Blount, as well as directs the high school theatrical productions. In addition to teaching, she loves acting, reading, jogging, mountain biking, and animals, especially dogs.

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Harrell Pedagogy Statement
I believe students in the 21st century deserve to be educated in the same environment they surround themselves by outside of school, which is a technological one. By providing students with technological devices and experiences, the students will be more adequately prepared for whatever they decide to undertake in the future.      
I will provide daily opportunities for my students to explore, through the use of their laptops and interacting with each other, new information in an attempt to uncover and create new knowledge.    

All students will use technology as a way to access information, further develop current ways of thinking, while also having an opportunity to unveil information and ways of doing things that they may have never considered before.

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