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Profile: Mrs. Sofie Kondro, teaches English I and English II. She is a graduate of Missouri State University, where she graduated with a degree in English Education. When Mrs. Kondro isn't teaching, her favorite things are: traveling, reading Wonder Woman comics, and playing guitar.

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On this website, you will find links to classroom homework, resources and tools. You will also be able to access classroom information and reminders. You may also see due dates, homework and grades on the SIS Parent/Student Portal:

Mrs. Kondro's 1:1 Pedagogy Statement
I believe that technology is defining and changing our future. Therefore, student learning needs to be adapted to technology in order to prepare students for academic and real-world application.
I will provide the tools necessary for my students to access, analyze and manipulate technology in order to enhance and individualize their education so that they are prepared for application in and outside of the classroom.

All students will generate and apply technological knowledge to discover, answer, and implement questions for academic and real-world usage.