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Mrs. Sue Seiler-Sophomore and Senior Counselor

My Pedagogy Statement
I believe that all students have a desire to learn. I believe it is my responsibility to guide, motivate and encourage individual and collaborative learning. I feel it is also my responsibility to create a safe, comfortable and enticing atmosphere for all students.
As a counselor I will uphold my beliefs by developing a relationship with my students that ensures a safe and comfortable environment. I will also use innovative, interactive and collaborative methods of instruction to promote an enticing and stimulating learning experience.
My students will develop a six year plan through the use of current resources. Students will self -assess their own personal interests as they research and investigate various careers and post-secondary options. Secondly, all students will be able to access resources that will enable them to navigate through personal, social, emotional obstacles and developmental milestones.

About Me...
This is my twenty-ninth year as a counselor in the Reeds Spring School District. I currently work with seniors and sophomores. This year I look forward to helping the seniors navigate through their post-secondary options and take that exciting, yet scary step into life after high school. As the sophomore counselor, I look forward to helping them select the right classes and explore the various college and career opportunities. I feel very privileged to be an employee of the Reeds Spring School District. I am blessed with a great family and supportive church, as well as honored to be a part of such a great community.
• Master of Science, Missouri State University
• Bachelors of Science, College of the Ozarks
• Spending time with my family
• Traveling
• Supporting the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs
Contact Information
• Phone: 417-272-8171, ex# 1306
• Email: