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Booster Club Job Descriptions


The duties of the president shall be as follows: 

1)       Set meeting agendas

2)       Preside over monthly and /or any extra meetings

3)       Run annual election of officers

4)       Appoint project leaders as required

5)       Meet with school administrators as needed

6)       Review objectives and or issues with elected officers/members

7)       Meet with coaches on regular basis to gain insight  to needs—both  present and future


The duties of the vice president shall be as follows: 

1)       Attend all club meetings

2)       Preside over club meetings in the absence of the president

3)       Offer insights and recommendations concerning club agendas and activities

4)       Actively promote RSABC as an integral part of the Reeds Spring School System

5)       Lead or assist with at least one project


The duties of the treasurer shall be as follows:

1)       Maintain accurate records for all financial aspects of the RSABC

2)       Maintain and update bank account records

3)       Pay bills upon receipt of documentation and approval

4)       Prepare and present to the RSABC a monthly financial report

5)       Lead or assist with at least one project


The duties of the secretary shall be as follows:

 1)       Maintain all records of reporting

2)       Take minutes at each meeting and report at the following meeting

3)       Secretary Of State report—file as prescribed by Missouri State procedures

4)       Send   reminders for action items within one week of meeting and reminders  for next meeting one week prior to meeting

5)       Lead or assist with at least one project


The duties of the project manager shall be as follows: 
1)       Solicit repeat funding from current “Friends”

2)       Send recruitment letter to appropriate Chamber of Commerce members not currently “Friends”

3)        Identify other methods of solicitation

4)       Order plaques and place them on wall


The duties of the project manager shall be as follows: 

1)       Secure funding budget based on projections

2)       Select vendor/vendors and products based on market, pricing, uniqueness, recognizing a repeat clientele from year-to-year

3)       Price products to recover costs, create school spirit; minimizing profits

4)       Set-up selling area at football and basketball games

5)       Recruit staffing assistance as needed

Concessions Coordinator 

Concession Stands

-          Prior to start of season clean the Football, Baseball and Basketball Concession Stands.

a)   Clean all appliances, inside and out.

b)       Wash down all counters and shelving.

c)       Sweep and if needed, coordinate mopping with custodial staff.

-          Stock and organize all purchased foods and paper goods.

-          Stock Pepsi coolers.


   -    Inventory all products from previous season including:

a)       Frozen Foods

b)       Dry Foods

c)       Drinks

d)       Paper Supplies

e)       Drinks

-    Purchase food and paper goods for the concession stands; currently use Springfield Grocer.

-    Make a Sam’s Club run for candy purchases.

-    Coordinate bun purchases with the bread man; currently use Sarah Lee.

   -    Inventory, purchase and re-stock all food, drinks and paper goods after each game.


-          Set prices for food sales based on current pricing.

a)       Print price lists for cashiers to use.

b)       Change prices on Pepsi Price Boards in each stand.

-          Pay bills according to credit terms of vendor.

a)  Note on invoice the date and the check number used for payment.

-          Turn in copies of all invoices to the RSABC treasurer prior to monthly meeting.

-          Write and post “set-up” and “clean-up” instructions for each stand.


-          Work with the Concession Staffing Coordinator to ensure there are enough volunteers to work the Concession Stands during sporting events.

-          Train the designated “Set-up” person on how to properly heat foods and set up the stands.