Reeds Spring A+ Program

A+ Class

The A+ class is a course students take during their junior or senior year to help meet the tutoring requirement of the A+ Program. Students will meet with the A+ teacher at the beginning of the semester to learn the requirements and processes of A+, to fill out paperwork pertaining to the A+ program and class, and set up a tutoring log. The A+ teacher will then begin the process of placing A+ students in classes where they can tutor students. By taking the A+ class, students should meet the requirements of signing the A+ Agreement and 50 hours of unpaid tutoring.

-A+ Program Goals:


·       Ensure that all students graduate from high school

·       Ensure that all students complete a selection of high school studies that is challenging and has identified learner expectations

·       Ensure that all students proceed from high school graduation to a college, post-secondary vocational/technical school, or a high wage job with workplace development opportunities


-Students will be eligible for state financial reimbursement if they meet the following requirements:


·       Attend an A+ school for 3 consecutive years prior to graduation

·       Have a signed A+ agreement on file

·       Graduate with a 95% cumulative attendance

·       Graduate with a 2.5 cumulative non-weighted GPA

·       Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring/mentoring

·       Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs/alcohol

·       Score advanced or proficient on the Algebra I EOC (beginning with the class of 2015)

·       Make a good faith effort to secure financial aid by completing the FAFSA

·       Males at age 18 enroll in the selective service


-A+ graduates will be eligible for the following:


·       Six semesters of tuition and common student fees at any participating Missouri vocational-technical school, junior college, or community college

·       A+ does not pay for books, supplies, drop fees, lab fees, online course fees, etc.

·       Requires that Federal Pell Grant funds be applied first. If costs remain after grants have been applied, A+ will cover the rest of tuition and student fees.

*(all funding is based upon availability of state funds and can be affected by state budget decisions.)


-A+ eligibility timeline:


·       A+ expires 48 months after high school graduation, (or) with the receipt of an associate’s degree, (or) when a student completes 105% of the required credits for his/her degree program.

Email Mrs. Dillon: adillon@wolves.k12.mo.us