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Mr. Nathan Harmon

Description: A competitive speech and debate program

Requiremnets: A good work ethic, excellent speaking skills, a good attitude, and a desire to succeed

Meetings: Every day during 7th hour

Tournament Schedule 2015-2016


** Tournaments may be removed or added as the state schedule is changed students will receive

notification of changes well in advance**

Joe Studer= Degree of Distinction
Salma Sanchez= Degree of Distinction
Madeline Giebler=Degree of Excellence
Anny Campbell=Degree of Honor
Ethan Greiner=Degree of Honor
Matt Krulic= Degree of Honor
ChriTina Foree= Degree of Merit
Nathan Crosson= Degree of Merit
Delaney Mattix= Degree of Merit
Nik Korth= Degree of Merit
Calvin Rasmussen=Degree of Merit
Raisa Hurtado= Degree of Merit
Brennan Waters= Degree of Merit
Noah Crosson= member
Mariah Thompson= member
Sara Moody= member
Kylie Coffelt= member
Allison Stamps= member
Garrett Miller= member

National Qualifiers:
2015 Ethan Greiner
2013 Kelsie Siena
2012 Dylan Weber
2011 Liz Coleman
2010 Aaron Campbell and Montana Richardson
2009 Annie Dyche