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Meeting Attendance
  • NHS Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month starting at 10:45 am in the Auxiliary Gym . Don't be late!!!!
  • If you miss two unexcused meetings during the school year, you will be dismissed from the chapter
  • If you know that you will miss a meeting, contact your sponsors or an officer before the day of the meeting.  
  • Remember to open up the 2017 - 18 school year when checking the attendance and to open the class on Canvas so you can receive notifications during the school year.
NHS Event Sign-Up sheet
  • Remember to communicate with the Contact person when you sign-up and to print off the Service hour form for the supervisor to sign unless Mr. Scego or Ms. Muller are present for the event
  • If you miss your service that you signed up, then you will add half of the time you signed up to work to your total hours
  • Remember you can't double dip your service hours, you will receive half of the time on these events
  • Always double check the date and have the supervisor sign, print name and write an email or telephone number
NHS Service hour form sheet
  • Complete this form for your service hours and turn in to either Rachel Bagg or Ms. Muller
  • You MUST turn in the form before the next monthly meeting that your hours were completed
  • Don't forget to have the supervisor sign his/her name, print his/her name and provide an email or telephone number
Service hours link
  • Link for NHS hours-- Fall Semester 2017 and Spring Semester 2018 (first tabs on the bottom of the google document) 
  • ---1st Semester 2016 and 2nd Semester 2017 (Reference use only)
  • Non completed hours for the semester, you will add double your missed hours plus an additional hour to your next semester
  • If you were negative hours the semester before, you will be dismissed from the chapter
T-Shirt and Dues and Graduation Stoles
  • Check to see if you have paid your dues and if you have paid for your T-Shirt
  • SENIORS --- Check to see if you have paid for your Graduation stole unless you are wearing a sibling's stole
  • Not paying by the deadline, will add an additional half hour to your service hours for each week you are late
  • Not turning in the proper paperwork for joining NHS will add an additional half hour for every 2 days it is late