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Meeting Attendance
  • NHS Meetings are the second Tuesday of every other month starting at 10:45 am in the either the Multi-Purpose Room or Auxiliary Gym . Don't be late!!!!
  • If you miss a meeting during the school year, you will be dismissed from the chapter
  • If you know that you will miss a meeting due to an activity/event or approved absent, contact your sponsors or an officer before the end of the week via email.  
  • Remember to open up the 2019 - 20 school year when checking the attendance and to open the class on Canvas so you can receive notifications during the school year.
NHS Event Sign-Up sheet
  • Remember to communicate with the Contact person when you sign-up and to print off the Service hour form for the supervisor to sign unless Mr. Scego or Ms. Muller are present for the event
  • If you miss your service that you signed up, then you will add the hours of the time you signed up to work to your total hours.  So be responsible!!
  • You can only remove your name the week before the event.  If can't work the event, communicate with Mr. Scego or Ms. Muller ASAP!!!!
  • Remember you can't double dip your service hours, you will receive half of the time on these events
  • Always double check the date and have the supervisor sign, print name and write an email or telephone number
NHS Service hour form sheet
  • Complete this form for your service hours and turn in to an NHS officers or Ms. Muller
  • You MUST turn in the form before the end of the month that your hours were completed
  • Don't forget to have the supervisor sign his/her name, print his/her name and provide an email or telephone number
  • Please give the times you worked the event, not just the total amount of time.
Service hours link
  • Link for NHS hours-- Fall Semester 2019 and Spring Semester 2020 (first tabs on the bottom of the google document) 
  • ---Fall and Spring Semester for past years are available (Reference use only)
  • Non completed hours for the Fall semester for the current year, will add double your missed hours to your Spring semester
  • If you were negative hours the Spring semester, you will be dismissed from the chapter in May and not be a returning member for the next year
T-Shirt and Dues and Graduation Stoles
  • Check to see if you have paid your dues and if you have paid for your T-Shirt.  You can pay either Madison Cobb, Ashlyn Shafer or Tyler Rogers this school year
  • SENIORS --- Check to see if you have paid for your Graduation stole unless you are wearing a sibling's or friend's stole (please let Ms. Muller know if you are not buying)
  • Not paying by the deadline, will add an additional half hour to your service hours for each week you are late
  • Not turning in the proper paperwork for joining NHS will add an additional half hour for every 2 days it is late
Tutoring Hour Form
  • Every student is required to complete 1 HOUR of tutoring this school year 
  • It is important for our Chapter to help our fellow students improve their knowledge and therefore their grades. You are the top students in your classes, so you should be able to help others become the best they can be.
  • We live in a society where we need to learn how to communicate with others and this is a great opportunity to practice
  • You are able to tutor only during GSH on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS or during SEMINAR.  
  • You CAN NOT tutor a classmate in the same course.  
  • You can tutor or help with homework 5th - 7th grade students at the Boys and Girls Club.  This is after school at the Intermediate School.