RSHS Students of the Month - September 2021

students of the month

(L to R) - Greenlee Cuzzort, Brithny Saucedo-Longoria, Robbie McGill, Trinity Boyd

Congratulations to the RSHS Students of the Month for September 2021. Here's what was said about these students in the nomination forms.

Greenlee Cuzzort

Greenlee is an outstanding person and she always tries to make sure everyone feels included. She has such a positive personality and will always put a smile on your face. In group assignments, she is a good leader and tries to support everyone.

Brithny Saucedo-Longoria

This is the first year I have had Brithny in class, and she is absolutely delightful. Brithny has come into class every day with a good attitude and willingness to learn. Though we have just started school, there have already been several assignments, and Brithny is probably one of the best students I've ever had at utilizing her class time wisely. Traditionally, she completes her assignments ahead of time and uses any spare class time she has either working on her homework assignments from other classes or making a plan for how and when she will complete those homework assignments. The best thing about Brithny so far has to be her attitude. She comes to class ready to learn, but she also spends all of her class time with a positive attitude. Her positivity is contagious! I see Brithny smiling every day that she comes to class, and I have never heard her say anything negative about an assignment, her classmates, or anything else for that matter. Brithny is definitely the type of student you wish you had more of in each of your classes, and I am excited that I get to have her in class this year.


Robbie McGill

Robbie has been such a positive presence in the classroom at the start of the year. He has been very welcoming and considerate of others. He always enters seemingly engaged with the day, even though we have the first hour together when it's easy to be sleepy and quiet. In all of our beginning of the year activities, Robbie emerged as a leader amongst his peers and did a great job of involving others in the task while still working toward accomplishing a goal.


Trinity Boyd

Trinity is an amazing addition to our yearbook staff. She has already taken on designing our staff t-shirts and printing them. She brought great ideas to the table for our yearbook design, and her leadership has really shown in our daily activities. I am very excited to have her in class and I look forward to seeing what creative ideas she comes up with this year.

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