RSHS Students of the Month for March 2021


To receive Student of the Month, a Reeds Spring High School student must be nominated by either a teacher or fellow student. Many criteria are considered, including academic improvement, leadership, attitude, community service, and character. A committee of staff members then chooses four students each month based on those nominations.

Students of the Month
(L to R) - Joshua Hornibrook, Madison Stickle, Marrin McKoy, Logan Phillips
Joshua Hornibrook - "Josh voluntarily changed seats in class to sit next to a student who was struggling so he could support their efforts and answer questions when (the teacher) was busy with other students. He has been extremely helpful in class and always has a positive/upbeat attitude."
Madison Stickle - "We had several new and virtual students come in and she gladly jumped in and helped give them tours and was really helpful in their transition into the high school. She also has been really active in STUCO, working with freshmen for fundraising ideas, and helping plan and organize some Instagram concepts for us to continue to engage the staff and student body. Madison has always been an amazing student and she never lets anything get in the way of that. She always gets her work done in a timely manner and she works very hard."
Marrin McKoy - "Marrin is an amazing student. She is extremely dedicated to her schoolwork, kind to others, and respectful to her teachers. She also participates in class discussions and makes group activities enjoyable for everyone around her."
Logan Phillips - "Logan is a fantastic student who is very intelligent, creative, and pours into his work. He has always set a high bar for himself and challenges himself to do his best. I have enjoyed seeing the quality of work has displayed in Careers class."
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