RSHS Students of the Month

students of the month
Jarrod Eaton- Jarrod voluntarily changed seats in class to sit next to a student who was struggling so he could support their efforts and answer questions when I was busy with other students.
Shylee Gasper- Shylee always has a positive attitude. She is always encouraging her classmates (especially underclassmen) to do the best that they can. She is willing to work with and help anyone. She makes everyone feel welcome and accepted. 
Jolee Murphy- Jolee is a new student this semester and has been a wonderful addition to RSHS. She works incredibly hard in the classroom and has terrific grades. On top of her academic performance, I have seen her at sporting events and being involved, which isn't always easy for a new student. In class, she is incredibly respectful and works hard every day. 
Storm Scott- Storm always has an amazing attitude toward school and his peers. He cares about his education and is supportive and encouraging in all ways whether it be in class or in the hallways. Storm just demonstrates positive vibes at all times.
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