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Canvas Help for Parents

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System we are using at Reeds Spring for students in grades 5 through 12. Parents can sign up for a free account in order to view the resources and activities posted in their child’s courses that are available on Canvas. 

Parent accounts can:

  • Read announcements, calendar, and course syllabus
  • See a list assignments and quiz titles with due dates
  • See your child's assignments and quizzes, but not his/her discussion posts
  • View your child’s scores and progression of mastery of standards, (if teacher has set up)
  • Use the Inbox to contact the teacher
  • Set up notifications to get emails or texts for announcements, assignments, etc.
  • View the Modules page, if available in the navigation
  • View the Outcomes, if available in the navigation
  • View files and pages in the course