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Latest Update: July 4, 2017


Welcome to the RSHS Wolf Pride Band page! 

Every piece of info you could possibly need is here. Please take a look through all the documents below to find answers to any questions you might have. All docs are PDFs, so you will need Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader to view and print them.


ATTENTION!!! The following items MUST be completed and returned to a director by July 17 (along with the $30 band fee and $30 for marching performance shoes if you do not have a pair already):


Reeds Spring School District Citizenship Form *

MSHSAA Concussion Information - One requirement when you fill out the MSHSAA Physical Form below is that you have received and read the MSHSAA brochure about concussions. This is a link to that brochure. Please review it before signing the related section of the Physical Form. *

MSHSAA Physical Form - Must be completely filled out before turning in. All signatures in place, health insurance info complete, etc. YOU MAY NOT ATTEND CAMP WITHOUT A COMPLETED PHYSICAL ON FILE! *

Link to Markel, an insurance resource if you need one. You MUST have insurance and it must be documented on your MSHSAA Physical.


If you attended the Free Physical Night on June 15, you have probably taken care of all the items above that are required by the school. The one thing you may still need is the proof of health insurance. If you do not already have health insurance and you plan to use the Markel insurance that is linked above, you will need to enroll in it on July 1 and then let either Mr. Devos or Mrs. Smythe in the HS office know that you have fulfilled that requirement. Once camp starts on July 17, please check with Mr. Devos to see whether you have all required paperwork completed. Also, please have reviewed and completed the following band-only paperwork before the first day of school in August:






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Guidelines and Core Values Click Here

2017 Band Camp Schedule! Click Here

2017 Show Storyboard - coming soon

2017 Show Parts PDF - coming soon

20 17 Show Drill PDF - coming soon

2017 Show Dot Sheets PDF - coming soon

2017 Show Driil File - coming soon

WPB Ensemble Development Studies  Click Here

Ultimate Warm Up Parts Click Here

Ultimate Warm Up Audio Click Here

Set 2 All-State Concert Band Audition Music (for 2017-18) - Click Here

Set 2 All-State Jazz Band Audition Music (for 2017-18) - coming soon

District Concert Band Cuts - coming soon

District Jazz Band Cuts - coming soon

To be included on Mr. Devos' email list, click here

SmartMusic Resources: SM Home  |  SM Gradebook  |  SM Help

Online metronome. Or use an app for your phone. Soundcorset is my favorite for Android.

The best Fingering Charts around for all instruments! Flute | Oboe  | Bassoon  | Clarinets | Saxophones  | Trumpet  | Horn  | Trombone  | Euphonium  | Tuba  | Mallets

Woodwind Fingering Chart site with TRILL CHARTS!

Vic Firth Site for percussion


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Want to try your hand at drill writing? EnVision is the program we are using this year. Download it and have some fun creating your own drill or use it to review the drill we send you. Especially try the Performer View option. Download EnVision here.


Rehearsal Notebook: Cover | 1st Things | Beginning Rehearsal | Long Tones & Lip Slurs | Ensemble | Technique | Chorales | Miscellaneous | Just Intonation Chart | Intonation & Festival Packet | Good Tuning Notes | Waggoner Rhythm Sheets


Parents: Don't forget to check the Band Booster Page regularly! And please get a background check done if you plan to have any contact with kiddos this year - we hate to ask, but it is a school district policy (and a good one that protects us ALL).


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